“hiiiiiii, story lady!”

28 May

I spend a lot of time out and about, pushing a stroller. And so I talk to strangers a lot. “Why would you do that?” you ask. “Don’t be creepy.” Because I’m new in town and that’s how you make friends, people. Aaaand because I’ve felt new in town for so long that I’ve become “that girl” and will kind of talk to anyone who will talk to me back. Laaame.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that eeevery day, no exaggeration, my complete love for an adoration of the Chestnut Hill Free Library comes up in random conversation with said strangers. The library itself is tiny – everything I want to read has to be sent over from Central – and there’s one mean library lady there who might just hate her life. But….

Then there’s Toddler Story Time with Miss Kate, the children’s librarian. Honestly, my little dude and I have tried all kinds of activities – and Miss Kate’s song and story sessions are arguably the best children’s programming in Chestnut Hill. In fact, largely due to it’s enormous following of baby groupies, [and undoubtedly its low low price tag of exactly $0] there are TWO story times each week, and parents are asked to attend just one of them to prevent overcrowding. But both sessions are always packed – it’s THAT cute!

Here’s the regular schedule:

Toddler* Story Time with Miss Kate
Chestnut Hill Free Library

Thursdays & Fridays
10:30am sharp

*kids 3 and under
[Sometimes a group of kids from a local pre-school who are too old for story time show up. Way cute kids, but it totally changes the mood and keeps the little ones from getting good seats. It’s awesome for little people, but probably not so much for kids older than toddler age. Of course, I’m sure that siblings are a whole different story!]

But there’s a catch! Miss Kate is currently out on maternity leave! Booo for us, yay for the world, i suppose! Her substitute is already assuming her regular library duties, but isn’t quite ready to start story time just yet. Expect them to resurface mid-June. Truthfully, I can’t vouch for the substitute story lady. She might suck. But give it a try in June! If it’s terrible, don’t give up – come back in the fall when Miss Kate is back in the library, priorities in order!

For direct connection to the CH Library Children’s Department and event updates and reminders, check out their Facebook page.


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