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buh-bye, nasty kitchen.

28 Jun

We tore that nasty kitchen out over the weekend – and our giant new friend, Joe, from Craig’s List picked up the cabinets and took them far far away. It’s amazing what people will take if the price tag is $0! It’s also amazing how anyone can live with and keep food around as much roach and mouse crap in plain view. You know what I’m NOT excited to do? Empty the shop vac. Bleeeech.

Here’s the progress:
[for more BEFORE kitchen pics, check out the slideshow in the previous post – or click on photo in the tag cloud, at right]

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It was pretty easy to take out most of the cabinets. We thought it was rocket science and were sort of surprised to learn that it’s really just unscrewing them out of the wall. That’s not a big deal, right? The harder part was removing some of the base cabinets and the pieces adjacent to the microwave and range hood because they had electricity in them. Ad took care of those, with only a roll of electrical tape, a drill, and some expert advice over the phone. The biggest complaint I heard all weekend was that it would’ve been nice to have an A/C unit in the kitchen!

Only two mishaps! The first – a giant hole in the wall that was hidden behind an equally giant pantry. But @DianeMenke said the hole shows good stuff in the form of good soil lines! She also suggests wearing long pants because of mishap #2 [evidence below]. Ad killed the front of his leg on a cabinet – it’s actually a LOT more gruesome than it looks! He’s missing a good chunk of leg AND its accompanying leg hair. Bleeeech again.