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11 Jul

Looking for something AWESOME to do with your kids? Then it’s your lucky day.

EVERY single day of the week, at 9:45am, the Fels Planetarium at The Franklin Institute runs a Sesame Street-themed show called One World, One Sky – featuring Big Bird, Elmo, and a character named Hu Hu Zhu from China’s version of Sesame Street.

The show’s makers got the timing just right, keeping the length to 20 minutes – and they added all kinds of really thoughtful touches that make this show perfect for even the littlest kids. For example, rather than starting off in the pitch-black, the show opens at dusk on Sesame Street, and all of the characters watch the sun set and the stars come out together. It’s a really nice and carefully thought out transition into darkness that makes night time¬† cool and un-scary. Honestly, watching my little dude watch this show might be my favorite thing ever.

The website says the show is appropriate for 4 – 6 year olds, but I really think much younger kids will completely enjoy it. I’ve gotta say – my 18 month old has never even seen Sesame Street and he is OB. SESSED. with it. He’s seen One World, One Sky three times and it’s ALL he talks about. In fact, we went on a vacation last week and he saw all kinds of new things and played with a zillion new kids – but the only thing he wanted to talk about FOR EIGHT DAYS was:

“Pay-a-como. Biggg-ah-bud. Hi, Elmo! Hi, Moon! Hu Hu Zhu! Hu Hu Zhu! Pay-a-como! Haaahht. Boom-boom, boom-boom!”

Translation: “I went to the planetarium [pay-a-como] and saw Big Bird. I waved to Elmo on the moon! And I saw Hu Hu Zhu at the planetarium, too! Aaaand I walked through the Franklin Institute’s giant heart. The heart makes this sound: [beats on chest] boom-boom, boom-boom!”

We have a FamilyMAX membership at The Franklin. We took my parents and the baby there last year and, for a little bit more than the cost of 4 general admission tickets, we were able to get a membership that entitles us to free admission for us and 2 guests for a year + some IMAX tickets and a bunch of other perks like reciprocity at science museums all over the country. So we see the planetarium shows for free. If you don’t have a membership, as far as I know, you have to buy a for $15.50, which gets you into the planetarium. Kids under 4 get in for free. You can buy tickets in advance online, which is probably a good idea, just because, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be running late and the show starts RIGHT at 9:45am – and they lock the doors once it’s started.

But Tea Baggers beware: that evil communist propaganda artist Hu Hu Zhu may teach your progeny a little Mandarin. And we all know that’s from the devil.

***UPDATE (6/7/11): One World, One Sky isn’t playing at The Franklin anymore. We found this out the hard way. Sigh***